The vehicle was modified to raise the axles by 200 mm by lowering the rear axle spring mounts. Furthermore, the spring was supported by a 40 mm washer at the point of contact between the spring and the axle. The springs were also strengthened by adding one leaf. The rear axle was reinforced at the point of attachment in the manner suggested by VCA s.r.o., in case of widening the axle using a 120 mm widening pad. This extension is calculated based on the load on the axle, which carries up to 3500 kg. In our case, it is an axle with a possible load of 2250 kg.

The front axle was structurally lowered, just like the rear axle by 200 mm. This reduction was achieved by modifying the correctional facility. By modification we mean cutting and welding the uprights in a length of 200 mm in the same strength.
Front and rear so-called windage struts are added to the axle, which will transfer any braking force further to the chassis.
Suspension with washers and spring as a set was mounted on the front shock absorbers. The front shock absorbers were raised by 200 mm.

On the sides, air suspension is added to the arms to increase the damping resistance in the terrain. This air suspension is also implemented on the rear axle.

The front axle is then widened with the same pads as the rear axle.

Front axle load = 1650 kg.

An original Mercedes differential, which is supplied to Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vehicles, was inserted into the front axle.

Axles and hubs are original parts supplied by Mercedes.

The vehicle is equipped with a circuit for compressed air for air bellows in the axles and in case of flat tires, or other use of compressed air in the vehicle. The exit quick couplings are also at the front entry doors in the vehicle. The operating pressure in the circuit is maintained from 5.5 to 7.7 BAR. This is ensured by an electric compressor located under the passenger seats. Control of the functions is made electrically using the buttons on the dashboard.

The vehicle has Black Rhino 17x8 J rims. LT 285/70 R17 121 / 118 S tires.

The lower part of the vehicle is equipped with a stainless steel frame to protect the chassis from collision with the terrain. The frame is welded to the chassis. It forms solid protection and is the lowest point on the vehicle.

From the side, the vehicle has fenders and running boards made of stainless steel. The rungs are made of steel and are extended 180 mm from the existing width of the vehicle. Side position lights with LEDs are integrated in these treads. For that reason, the vehicle also has a change of side mirrors to mirrors for a vehicle width of 2.4 m. The side turn signal was placed on the front fender to raise the vehicle. The protective side frame extends all the way back to the towbar.
A towing device of 3500 kg is also mounted on the vehicle.

The roof is equipped with a front and rear frame, which serves primarily as carriers of position and work lights. The rear frame is also a so-called support for the load placed on the roof. The roof is also equipped with a so-called garden for fixing loads (pipes and steels) with a length of up to 6 m.

The front part is equipped with a front protective frame that extends to the front axle. The front work light is integrated in the frame.

A winch with a pulling force of 4.1 t is mounted in the front bumper. The winch is hidden behind the license plate and, if necessary, it is possible to tilt the license plate, where this tilting is also used for a step up to 150 kg in case of engine service or other activities requiring access to the engine vehicle parts. The color of the vehicle has also changed.

Inside the rear compartment, the cargo area has been noticeably increased because we have removed the inner wheel arches. Now it is possible to put two pallets next to each other anywhere in the cargo space.

The driver's compartment and the rear cargo area are divided by a partition made of aluminum profiles, which has greater strength and impact resistance. An opening window is also integrated in this partition.
The interior is also completely illuminated with LED lighting.

This vehicle is the ideal platform for residential, off-road and work vehicles that must operate in difficult terrain. The wading capacity of the car is 900 mm with the possibility of turning off and restarting the engine.

A demo vehicle will be available for hire for serious interested parties who would like to have their vehicle similarly prepared in this vein.