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the EU homologation implementation
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Not only are we able to make a vehicle but also we are able to make a „fleet“ of vehicles, from the very beginning (including a design, on which we collaborate with professional designers)  to a making of the prototype of a vehicle or of a „fleet“ of vehicles itself.

In order to provide complete services, we offer a service for all types of vehicles including lorries and buses.

Our best products and services are going to be available at www.erespart.cz/eshop soon.


Car conversions

We’re here to help you, if you’d like to have your vehicle’s bodywork widened or when your vehicle doesn’t suit you any more in terms of size or weight (if you’re, for example, ambulances or campers maker).

Special adjustments

Do you need to convert your van into a first-class VIP vehicle you can use for important business dealings? The vehicle that is, furthermore, able to float? – We are able to do all this.

Luxurious seats

We are certified makers of luxurious seats we make in accordance with the EU homologation.


We provide the homologation checking for every component we make.

Component making

We make luxurious seats, we are able to build a ramp… – simply, we are able to do almost anything you can think of.

Car services

We provide complete services for all types of vehicles including lorries and buses.

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