A making and conversion new vehicles

Everything we make is in accordance with the legislation of UNECE. According to your demands, not only are we able to make a vehicle but also we are able to make a fleet of vehicles from the very beginning (including a design, on which we collaborate with professional designers)  to the making of the prototype of a vehicle or of a „fleet“ of vehicles itself. We are able to widen delivery sort of vehicles (Mercedes, Fiat, VW, Hyundai, Ford, Iveco, etc.) up to the width of 2,4 m – including the back axle.

What makes this widening beneficial is a height of a storage place, that is, when compared with a classic enclosed cuboid-shaped cargo area, lower then. We are able to do the same with older vehicles. We can also increase a load-carrying capacity of van by as many as 700 kgs.

Everything we do we do including homologation with a record to a certificate of roadworthiness.

We provide

Design drafts

The making of technological dates

The analysis of stiffness and firmness

Consultancy with companies (Dekra, TUV or State Testing Body)

The making and adjustment of components

The components assembly

A coating, spray painting and airbrushing of a vehicle

Taking record into a Certificate of Roadworthiness about changes that have been done

The adjustment of luxurious seats and the EU homologation implementation

Vehicle enlargement

We’re here to help you, if you’d like to have your vehicle’s bodywork widened or when your vehicle doesn’t suit you any more in terms of size or weight (if you’re, for example, ambulances or campers maker). We’re able to make your van wider by 18 cm on each side and we can also increase your van’s load-carrying capacity by as many as 700kgs. Since a potential utmost load-carrying capacity is different for every car, we have a potential-load-carrying capacity checked by the certified companies that test breaks while a load-carrying capacity has been increased.

We also offer an option of widening a bodywork along with a back axle, so that the vehicle is not destabilised. The bodywork widening is done by an insertion of homologated and made-to-measure made insets (attachments) between the wheel and the nave.

A record of the widening is, then, entered into a Certificate of Roadworthiness.


Vehicle’s unladen weight increases only by the weight of material used for the widening (for the widening we use only stainless materials)

A height between a cargo space and the surface is the same as in the van’s case

A bigger cargo space

Strong side stability thanks to the back axle widening
A price of the widening being the same as a price of an enclosed cuboid-shaped cargo area


Dispatching vehicles
Cuboid-shaped, tilt or refrigerator cargo areas or trailers

Valuables transport vehicles

Movie production vehicles (the preparation of vehicles for movie demolitions)

Promotion vehicles

Vehicles or trains for a transport of employees in factories, of tourist, of cargo at airport runways, etc.

Touristic means of transport (buses, minibuses, ships or floating bodies)

Emergency and security vehicles



Air springing assembly (limousines, vans)
the GPS assembly
the cameras assembly
the independent heating assembly

the electrically darkening windows assembly

A making

the made-to-measure and certificated making of protective or luminous vehicle frameworks

the making of cargo areas

the making of special vehicles (the widening of a van, the drophead adjustment of a vehicle or a bus, adjusting vehicle to be appropriate for a guarded person transport, etc.)
New upholstery of the vehicles’ insides and roofs (of passenger cars, lorries and buses)
the replacement of seats (in lorries, vans and buses)
the making of an armour plate for your passenger car, lorry or bus (mini-bus) (from limousines to heavy lorries – a composite armour plate)
the locksmith’s making (stainless steel, aluminium, steel; a ramp and a structure making)