This innovative product connects two paddleboards together using a simple design.
The ERES EL - KAT DUO features two comfortable reclining loungers that allow you to relax on the water in style. It is possible to have only one deckchair deployed if you prefer an individual experience. At the rear of the vessel you will find an electric boat motor and battery to provide you with reliable and quiet propulsion. The controls are centrally located so you will sit comfortably and have full control of the vessel.
ERES EL - KAT DUO also gives you the option of adding a roof tarp. Simply place the poles and attach the tarp to protect you from the sun's rays and light rain. Of course, if you prefer the feeling of freedom, you can also use the product without a tarp.
With a load capacity of 150 kg on each paddleboard and two paddleboards in total, the ERES EL - KAT DUO offers excellent stability and easy handling. Safety is paramount and you can rely on the excellent manoeuvrability of this craft.
One of the biggest advantages of the ERES EL - KAT DUO is its storage capacity. The entire system can be easily folded and stored in the trunk of your personal vehicle, allowing for easy transport.
ERES EL - KAT DUO is an innovative, practical and fun product that allows you to explore the water world in a whole new way. Let yourself be carried away by water adventures with this unique craft.