We combine ERES floating bodies with a sleek aluminium construction, equipped with an electric motor and four comfortable ERES zero gravity reclining chairs. The vessel is certified, meets all the necessary standards for sailing area D and thanks to the electric motor can also enter low emission zones. The ERES EL-KAT DUO can take on rivers and lakes as well as the sea. The vessel is customisable based on the required use. It is suitable for teambuilding, corporate events, recreation, gastronomy on the water and fishing. All equipment is modular and can be used separately. It can be driven from 15 years of age and without a license.

- For two seated persons
- The electric boat motor is operated by stainless steel cables that are connected to a rotary lever located at the ERES zero gravity chair
- The vessel has one 75Ah battery, stored in a multifunction box
- With two solar panels and on a sunny day, it is possible to sail at the lowest speed almost indefinitely
- The vessel is stowable and fits into two allocated bags which can be taken away in a beach trolley
- Boarding from the head of the vessel
- A table between the chairs is also an option
- Monitoring and remote battery control

- Price 62 960 CZK including VAT in basic equipment
- With all special equipment for 82 030 CZK including VAT


Rent a vessel for your holiday or just for a day. Corporate events, parties, weddings or even just fun with friends are also possible. We are able to provide up to 10 two-seater vessels for your chosen body of water, which means entertainment for 20 people.

Everything from the assessment to arranging permission to place the boats on the water we will arrange for you. You can use public water areas anywhere in the country free of charge, as long as you don't need to cordon off the area. For private lakes, the lease is negotiated directly with the owner, including any fee.

The price for a one-day rental of up to 10 two-seater vessels is 25 000 CZK including VAT for a maximum of 8 hours in Prague. Each additional hour 3 000 CZK including VAT.

In the case of events outside Prague, the price will be supplemented by transport or other costs associated with transport to the destination (parking, accommodation, etc.).

For multi-day events, it is necessary to take into account the necessity of charging the vessels during the night hours. Thus, the location for the event should ideally be with the possibility of close access to the 230 V electricity network.

If you require vessels that allow the transport of a person in a wheelchair, we can offer vessels for 4 seated persons and one in a wheelchair. Here the price for the hire is made individually. For wheelchair users, the boarding point of the vessel must be clearly specified. It is possible to hire up to 4 vessels for your event.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email - info@erespart.cz .