We present to you an amphibious trailer for transporting vehicles, equipment, or possibly 1500 l of drinking water. The whole trailer is made only of aluminum and stainless steel. Use only in fresh water. The trailer is predestined for use in floods, or as a water carrier on the water surface. Of course, even if you need to transport containers or other cargo. In case of flooding of roads, it is possible to drive smaller non-flooded areas with the trailer. It is also able to pull a load weighing 2 t from a depth of 12 m.

The trailer contains two water tanks and their filling or emptying is possible from the right, left or back. The tanks have side impact protection.

The trailer in the category up to 3500 kg.


Electric feed, which allows you to move on a paved road. Travel can be controlled to the sides, forwards and backwards. Traction force is 2.5 t. At a speed of 0.5 m / s.
90 HP marine engine in the first third of the trailer.
In the rear there are two towing eyes for towing vessels or other objects on the water surface weighing up to 6.5 t.
Underwater lights for lighting under the vessel and at the same time above the water surface.
There are 6 LED headlights around the vessel.
LED light ramps.

Length: 776 cm - Width: 255 cm - Height: 260 cm
Trailer weight: 2450 kg
Payload on land: 1100 kg
Payload on water: 2100 kg
Number of persons: 12
Maximum speed: 100 km / h