Unbraked trailer up to 750 kg. It is made only of aluminum and stainless steel. It is used for recreation on land and on water, stays in nature, fishing, but also for work activities such as the transport of various materials and the like.

Its huge advantage is the ability to drive it from the age of 15 without a driver's license (VMP). Thanks to a special marine polystyrene that does not absorb water, the RiverTrailer Mini is completely unsinkable.
The side panels have 3 positions: closed, open for sitting and fully open for easier loading on the trailer.
The rear wall can be opened either partially for the ship's engine or completely. It can therefore be used as a gangway for a scooter, quad bike, etc.
The front entrance is used for comfortable boarding of the vessel.

Possibility of comfortable equipment: petrol boat engine, telescopic water ladder, additional tables, storage locking boxes, bike holders, refrigerators, fishing rods holders and more.

It is possible to register a small vessel to use a more powerful marine engine.

Length: 430 cm - Width: 200 cm - Height: 134 cm
Trailer weight: 340 kg
Payload on land: 410 kg
Payload on water: 660 kg
Number of persons: 6
Top speed: 130 km / h

Trailer price: from 149 999 CZK including VAT
You can send us your order to: info@erespart.cz
If you would like to see the RIVERTRAILER MINI in person, you can visit us at Kyslíková 1984/4, Prague 4.